Elementary School
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At Livingston Elementary, we believe that participation in extracurricular activities promotes a sense of school pride and camaraderie. We encourage all students to find their niche in one or more of our programs. We have something for everyone!

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program provides new Livingston students the assistance they may need to make a healthy adjustment to their new school. The ambassadors work directly with new students to assist them in ways that will make the adjustment process as smooth as possible. The duties of the ambassador include: introducing new students to school personnel and class members, being a special friend until the new student has time to make friends on his/her own, acquainting the new student with school procedures, and acting as a role model in our school. Ambassadors also play an important role at our Veterans Day program and at our teacher appreciation celebration. Along with these duties, ambassadors help to ensure that students who sit on the friendship bench at recess are invited to play. If you have questions about this program, please feel free to reach out to our school counselor and ambassador advisor, Mrs. Barbara Hopkin.

Student Council

Student council is under the direction of Mrs. Emmie Schramm, PE Teacher. Our student council provides our students with an avenue to influence their educational experience. The student council’s goals are designed to bring students together to make school a positive place to be and to unite the school as a family. Students also learn about the democratic method of voting through the balloting process. They experience voter registration, campaigning, and voting for their representatives and officers using ballots.

Extracurricular Activities

Art Club

Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to participate in Art Club! Mrs. Manuele and Miss Vinton host the club at Sunset Elementary the second Tuesday of every month during the school year. Classes start after school and run until 6:00 p.m. Transportation for Livingston students is available by bus after school. Parents need to pick up their child when Art Club ends promptly at 6:00 p.m. Please read the Art Club brochure and permission slip for more information.

Honor Choir

Honor Choir is under the direction of music teacher, Mrs. Gerry Scott. The choir is comprised of fourth and fifth graders who are eligible through auditions in the fall and after Christmas. We sing a wide variety of music, standard choral music to popular arrangements. We meet once a week after school on Thursdays throughout the year for 60 minutes of rehearsing. We perform throughout the community for all different occasions. For more information, please visit our honor choir website.